Shopping list - Start

Free and simple app for creating shopping list. Designed for Apple iPhone (iOS).
Screenshot of shopping list start app

It will replace pen and paper

Need to buy something? add it to your list instantly

Are you running out of hand soap? Or coffee? Do you need to buy a bunch of groceries?

Install the app "Shopping List – Start" on your iPhone and instantly start using it to record everything you need to pick up. The number of items will appear on the app’s icon to remind you about your planned purchases. 

Create your shopping list

Quickly and easily

If you want to make a shopping list, just open the app, tap the “Add” button, and enter your list with commas using standard prompts for quick text entry. Tap “Done” and then “Add” and your shopping list is ready. Pretty simple, right?

But you might be able to make it even easier and quicker!

If you already have a list of frequently purchased items and want to buy something from the list, just tap “Add”, choose the products from your list of frequent purchases, press “Add” and your list is ready. It’s even easier and quicker!

Pre-made shopping lists

Simplify your trips to the store

Rearrange the list in any order you like

To make it easier to shop with your list, press the “Edit” button and rearrange the items in the order you need them by tapping and holding the three horizontal lines to the right of each item. Once you finish rearranging, tap “Done".

You can also change the names of any item by swiping from right to left on the item and selecting “Edit” from the menu options. 

Mark purchases within your list

After purchasing items, cross them off the list with one simple swipe from the left to the right. To undo crossing them off, repeat the motion.

Delete any unnecessary items from your list

You can delete any item from your list. To do so, swipe the item right to left and choose “Delete” from the menu options.

You can also delete all the crossed off items from your list. This function could come in handy if you purchase things at different stores or decide to hold your purchase for a later date. Simply tap the picture of the garbage pail in the lower right corner of the app’s window and select the option to “Delete purchased items”.

If you want to delete all items from the list, tap the picture of the garbage pail in the lower right corner of the app’s window and select the option to “Delete all items.” 

When everything's been purchased

After you have crossed off all the items on your shopping list, the app will ask if you want to clear your list. Tap “Yes” if you have purchased everything and no longer need the list.


Items to your list

Enter your list or choose items from the previously purchased items list.

Manage your

Shopping list

Order your purchases conveniently within the list, delete what’s already been purchased from the list.

Cross off

Purchased items

Cross off purchased items from the list with one simple swipe.

Don’t forget

To buy everything you need

The number of items on the app’s icon will remind you about upcoming purchases.

Shopping list start app screenshot

A minimilastic design

With nothing extra

Create your shopping list and manage it easily and simply.


There are no cramped buttons, confusing menus, or too many settings. Working with the app is extremely simple.


To make the app more simple, only the most essential functions were built in to allow you to create and manage your shopping list.


"Shopping List – Start" app does not require registration, authorization, or internet connectivity. You can create your shopping list as soon as you install the app.

The app does not access user geolocation, contact lists, or the device’s camera or microphone. 

Dark mode

Supported by iOS 13 and dark mode

With iOS 13 came the opportunity to use dark mode to format the app.

Dark mode

The app supports dark mode formatting.

iOS 13

The app is adapted for iOS 13 and works well on the newest iPhones.

Shopping list start app in dark mode screenshot


The iphone app "shopping list – start"

A very simple app to create shopping lists that are easy to use. Only for the iPhone (iOS).

Nothing more than what’s needed

As soon as you install "Shopping List – Start" you can:

  • add items to your list that you want to buy
  • cross off purchased items in a single swipe
  • delete the whole list or only purchased items
  • rename items in your list 

There’s nothing difficult about it

  • a simple, straightforward interface
  • minimal functions
  • no need for registration or authorization

You don't need anything else to make your shopping list

  • the app is free
  • there are no ads, in-app purchases, or subscriptions in the app
  • install and start using app without any restrictions
  • internet connectivity is not necessary to work with the app 
Shopping list start app screenshot

Happy shopping!

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